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Chemistry & Chemical Biology, PhD
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About Me

Hello there! I am a PhD Candidate in the Chemistry & Chemical Biology Program at Harvard University, where I study the beautiful world of the human gut microbiome. My skills and interests lie in microbiology, microbial genetics, protein expression, and analytical chemistry. Outside the lab, I spend all my free time writing. I write about science and science policies, share the latest science news, and also dabble in fiction. I've compiled all my scientific and writing works on this site, so feel free to check them out!


graduate work
Elucidating the mechanisms in which gut bacteria modify small molecules, and how these resulting bacterial metabolites can modulate host physiology.

undergraduate work
Mechanisms in organic reactions; using computational methods to explain reactivity and stereoselectivity.

SciComm Works

I am a writer and editor for Harvard's Science in the News. Here, I compiled all of the science communication works I have done for the website. They include articles that delve into scientific or science policy topics that I'm interested in, short blog articles summarizing the latest scientific findings, and even some light-hearted podcast episodes.

science articles

Science policy articles



short science blogs






In addition to my scicomm works, I dabble in fiction writing of a variety of genres. These represent my heart and soul (and 95% of my free time). Check out my writing site for more info!